Excitement is in the air and we wanted to take a moment to say thanks for your interest in our project.

Once we launch our initial coin offering, we will strive to be among the best in our profession. See below for examples from other ICO's and the market average of distribution of funds:

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The Time To Invest Is Now...

The payday-lending industry is vast. There are more payday loan stores in the United States than McDonald's restaurants. The operators of those stores make around $46 billion a year in loans, collecting $7 billion in fees.

Won't you consider becoming a sponsor and help with the first of it's kind Payday Lending system powered by Blockchain. Early investors get listed on PaydayClerk.com and reap the rewards when our system goes live!

Listings will remain on PaydayClerk.com for the entire lifetime of it's project. Upgrades / Updates to your Listings are available upon request for a small fee no grater than $3 per task. donors may choose to remain anonymous.

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